The town of Alcoa is perhaps best known for the massive aluminum processing plant that is owned and operated by the Alcoa Corp. Once known as North Maryville, the town changed its name in 1919. What started out as a company town developed for the sole purpose of housing Alcoa plant workers has now developed into thriving town situated conveniently close to Gatlinburg, Knoxville, Pigeon Forge, and Maryville, TN. There is plenty for your family to see while you are in Alcoa, TN. Among the many things to see in and around town are:

Governor John Sevier Farm Home

Marble Springs State Historic Site, includes the farm home of Governor John Sevier, a Revolutionary War hero fighting in the Battle of King’s Mountain (1780). He was elected as the first Governor of the State of Tennessee in 1796. As governor, he named his property Marble Springs after the pink marble found in the area.  

Here you can see the farm’s cabin home, along with a number of other structures from the same period. These include a tavern, a Spring House, a Smoke House, a Loom House, and the detached kitchen sitting just outside of the farmhouse. The museum is filled with period items and mementos.

Pistol Creek Dam and Mill Race

For those interested in the history of Alcoa, the Pistol Creek Dam and Mill Race play a vital role in the founding of Maryville, the Alcoa processing plant, and a number of grist mills and clothing mills. The original dam was built around the turn of the 19th century along with the mill race that ran for several hundred yards along the southern bank of the creek. By the turn of the 20th century, the majority of these mills and industries had closed down and shortly thereafter, the buildings were razed leaving just the dam and mill race for you to visit.

The Cades Cove/Thompson-Brown House Museum

The museum is housed in the 150-year old Thompson-Brown House and is managed by the Cades Cove Preservation Society. The vast majority of the items found in the museum have been donated by local residents and tell the story of those who have chosen to call this area of Eastern Tennessee home. You may find yourself coming back time and again to make sure you see everything the museum has to offer.

The Sam Houston Schoolhouse

The Sam Houston schoolhouse takes you all the way back to the year 1812! Come on in and find your seat. Your teacher is none other than the famous Sam Houston who earned fame during the war with Mexico to secure the freedom of Texas. Bring the kids and let them see what going to school in the 19th century was truly like. Not only will you enjoy book-learning, but you will learn useful skills like candle-making, quilting, and bullet making. Schools back then were one room for everyone no matter their age.

Enjoy a Day or Two or Even Longer in Alcoa!

This only touches the smallest sample of the many places to see while you are in Alcoa, TN. Once you arrive in town, you’ll find there’s a lot of ground to cover; but that’s okay. You’ll have a great reason to come back and continue discovering everything Alcoa has to offer.