Quilting is a tradition that dates further back than history can remember. In many families it is a tradition that has been handed down from one generation to the next, in others it is something new and exciting. While the “quilts” you can buy in big box stores have little to no meaning behind them other than being purchased as a gift, the same cannot be said about a handmade quilt.

This type of quilt becomes an instant heirloom, one that can be passed down from generation to generation. Those that are handmade are made with love, care, and the kind of attention to detail that helps them last forever. This is what you can expect when you buy a quilt from Twisted Sister Quilt Shop or the supplies you need to craft your own.

More Than Just a Quilt Store

While the Twisted Sisters Quilt Shop offers a range of beautiful handmade quilts for you to choose from and an incredible selection of quilting supplies, there is so much more to the store than this. They also offer classes designed to help you learn how to quilt or improve your current quilting skills.

Classes vary and are led by skilled instructors with many years of experience they are more than willing to share. If you are interested in improving your quilting skills, we recommend you visit the online class schedule to see what new classes are being offered, along with dates, times, and any costs involved. The staff here can help you finish your latest project and turn your carefully crafted quilt into a family treasure that will last for many generations.

Supporting the Children’s Hospital in Knoxville

Twisted Sisters Quilt Shop is proud to do their part to help the many sick and injured children in the Knoxville area by taking part in the Pillowcase Challenge to benefit Mission of Hope and Children’s Hospital in Knoxville. Working together with many local quilters, the shop was able to collect more than 200 pillowcases for this very worthy cause. In fact, their involvement in the project was so successful that they plan to participate in the Pillowcase Challenge again in 2018.

About Twisted Sisters Quilt Shop

The shop was founded in 2017 by “Twisted Sisters” Mary Wildi and Margaret Wildi who hail from Columbus, OH, and who migrated here in 2014. They chose Maryville to be their home after retiring from Grange Insurance Corporate Headquarters located in Columbus. Mary brings over 15 years of quilting experience to the store, while sister Margaret brings her cross-stitch and business management skills to the table.

Whether you are looking for hot new fabric for your next quilt, patterns, ideas, solids and blenders, pre-cuts, or Cindy Blackberg’s Template Stamps, you can find everything you need at Twisted Sisters Quilt Shop. But more than that, you will find good old-fashioned down-home friendship and a wealth of knowledge. The ‘Twisted Sisters’ are sure to help improve your skills as a quilter, making it possible for you to craft quilts that will become family heirlooms.