If you are looking for a restaurant that offers outstanding “Fine Home Cookin’,” look no further than Gracie’s Restaurant conveniently located on Lincoln Rd. in Maryville, TN. We can already hear you saying, “Why Gracie’s?” The only way to answer this question is to tell you a little about Gracie’s and what you can expect from the moment you step in the door of this amazing restaurant.

Nothing Fancy

If you were to ask owner Ken Gentry about Gracie’s, one of the first things he would tell you is that as restaurants go, there is nothing fancy about Gracie’s. Walking in the door and looking around, no one would blame you for agreeing with this statement. However, you will be greeted at the door by a host with a warm friendly smile on his face. From here it only gets better.

Take a seat and gaze around the dining room; chances are good that you will never see another one like it. Take in the comfortable seating, the spotlessly clean tables and floors, sit back and enjoy the many works of art hanging on the wall. Not quite what you might expect from a small down-home country restaurant.

The Best is Yet to Come

The best part of Gracie’s and the reason so many of their customers come back frequently has to be the food. Don’t come here looking for fancy foods, haute cuisine, or upscale dining; you won’t find it. What you will find is good, old-fashioned made-from-scratch home cooking. Whether it’s the fried bologna served for breakfast, a burger you crave, or a slab of smoked and cured country ham, the food is as good as “momma used to make.”

Breakfast cook Chad Smith gets the ball rolling at 5 a.m. getting everything together for the day. He starts cooking at 6 a.m. for when the doors open at 7 a.m. for the early morning crowds. Chad learned to cook from his grandmother, making him the perfect person to take on the challenge of providing outstanding home-cooked dishes. The fine folks of Maryville and the surrounding area, as well as the many tourists who visit, enjoy the great meals Chad produces every day.

The Give Back Meal

Owner Ken Gentry is delighted to help with several of the food-related ministries in the area. He also offers The Give Back meal; which consists of a big bowl of beans, cornbread, fried potatoes, and a beverage. At Gracie’s, you can order this meal and pay for it; they suggest $5 for it including tax, but if you can’t afford the price, you are welcome to come in and eat for free; no one will say a word. You are welcome to pay anything you can for the meal, $1 or $2, whatever you can afford.

The local community helps out with this program as well. There are several regular customers in here who will come in and leave an extra $20 specifically to help pay for these meals and help the less fortunate. The restaurant has been offering this service for over a year and got started by working with United Way.  Gracie’s is more than just a restaurant; it’s a valuable and loved member of the community. Ken Gentry invites you to come on in and sample the finest “Home Cookin” in the area.