If you are planning a stay in the Townsend, TN, area, there is nothing like completely immersing yourself in the local culture. This means finding somewhere to sample the local foods, buy gifts, and more. After all, you are on vacation! Why would you want to hit the nearest fast food joint you can find anywhere, when you can enjoy the incredible local cuisine available at the Apple Valley Stores & Café in Townsend, TN?

In the General Store

You simply can’t come to Townsend without visiting the General Store. Here you will find an incredible selection of homemade fudge for you to enjoy while you are here, and more importantly, to take home to your family and friends. With ten flavors to choose from as well as three sugar-free flavors, you can’t help but find one or more that will tempt your taste buds. All fudge is made locally, never imported, and always as fresh as possible.

To go with your new fudge, the General Store also offers several different flavors of fresh ground coffee and coffee mugs for you to drink it from. Be sure to stock up on both fudge and coffee before you head home after your stay here.

Feed the Beast

While the fudge sold in the General Store makes a tasty treat, when the time comes to feed the beast, the Apple Valley Café and Restaurant is the only place to go. Start your day out with a pot of fresh brewed locally-roasted coffee and then prepare to enjoy a double stack of pancakes loaded with toppings from the massive Pancake Toppings Bar. Not quite enough food for you? Then dig into the “Breakfast of Champions” that comes with scrambled eggs and apple pie.

For lunch enjoy “Townsend’s Best Burgers” as you create your own “masterpiece burger” at the all-new toppings bar where you will find more than thirty toppings to choose from. Here you will find all of the usual toppings, including lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and more. But here’s where it gets better than you could possibly imagine. The Toppings Bar also has a range of tasty extras including bacon jam spread, a range of homemade sauces you can also buy in the General Store, a feta cheese spread, and many others.

For dessert, try one of their “World Famous Fried Apple Pies.” They sell more than 50,000 of these pies every year. Each pie comes topped with a custom blend of sugar and cinnamon that beautifully compliments the tart flavor of the apples. You will also find house-made biscuits, granola, and many other bakery items for you to enjoy with your meals. Many of these same items can also be purchased in the General Store to take home with you. The next time you are in Townsend, TN, be sure to drop by the Apple Valley Stores & Café and enjoy the finest in local cuisine, treats, and souvenirs.