Located at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains and close to the Gateway to Smoky Mountain National Park, Walland, TN, is located in Miller’s Cove that is closed off at the northern end by Chilhowee Mountain. As of the last census taken in 2010, the town had a population of just 259, making it the perfect place for those who are looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy all that this quiet area of Tennessee has to offer. But, if you are going to visit, you should take advantage of it in as many ways as possible.  Here are three great ways to experience all that Walland has to offer.

The Antique Outlet Mall

If one of your favorite activities is antiquing, then the Antique Outlet Mall at 4531 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy may be just what you are looking for. Once you walk in the door, your head might start spinning around as you try to take in the large selection of antiques from just about any era you can think of. The staff is both friendly and knowledgeable, making you visit fun even if you don’t end up buying anything. Just make sure you bring your truck or trailer with you, in case you decide to do a “little” bit of shopping.


Just Get Outdoors

Experiencing all that Mother Nature has blessed the Walland, TN area with is a must when you come here to visit. What better way to do this than on your own two feet and taking a guided tour? Even better than that, what if your guided hiking tour was custom-designed just for you? You could be hiking a ridge top trail enjoying the spectacular view of the Great Smoky Mountains or paddling your way quietly down the streams and watching the fish swimming in the crystal-clear waters. If your interest is hiking, canoeing, or backpacking, Just Get Outdoors can help you reach your goals.

Twin Valley Horse Ranch

Once you pass through the gates to the Twin Valley Horse Ranch, you are entering a completely different experience in comparison to the rest of Walland. What makes this ranch so different? It could be the endless hours you can spend swimming, fishing, or going on one of the many exciting horseback rides you can take. Perhaps it’s the chance to help with the morning and evening chores. Maybe you can help with feeding the many friendly petting critters.

These ideas are just a small sample of the many amazing ways you and your family can experience Walland, TN, and all that it has to offer. Come any time of year and you are sure to find something different. The scenery here is constantly changing, as is the wildlife you are likely to run across. No matter when you come, there will always be a number of amazing ways for you and your family to have an enjoyable time. Be sure to spend some time in Smoky Mountain National Park while you are here, as well!